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Jun. 1st, 2009

Wondering if theres still any members active out there :3


Just an update for the hell of it >>

I haven't really done anything to do with the paranormal recently, but as Samhain draws near, I should have some stuff to post here! I think a graveyard exploration might be good to do.

Anyone have anything planned for Samhain/Halloween?

Ouijia Board - First Attempt

So, after a lot of reading up and researching, a friend and I finally decided to try out a ouija board. I was a little apprihensive, both about the negative stories and such, and because it's a waning moon right now, but the risk made it more exciting, I guess.

We had limited materials so we drew the board on a A3 piece of card, and used a clear glass candle holder for the glass/marker. I peformed barrier-inducing rituals (magick circles and such, involving the elements and salt) and asked for the deities and spirits I accept to protect us and join the 'ritual'. After everything was done, we both placed a finger very lightly on the candle holder and asked if any one was there in spirit who would like to talk to us.

Details of the conversationsCollapse )

Nothing bad came of it after that, besides my friend having bad dreams, as the spirit predicted, but I guess that's normal. I'm still very sceptical of it, I have a hard time believing I'm speaking to actual entities, but having a very split-mind when it comes to opinions, I prefer to see things before I can accept them, and then my logic challenges them constantly anyways.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone elses experiences and opinions on the ouija, or 'spirit talking board'. My first time wasn't a disappointment, but by no means am I suggesting you try this, unless you KNOW what you're doing, or know some very good spells and protective rites.

Nature Sprites

I just thought I'd share a strange sighting I had last night. It was around midnight or so, walking back from the garage and me and my friend were talking about nothin in particular. I happened to glance into the bushes to my left and saw what I can onl describe as either, or a cross between, an owl and a human. The face was perfectly proportioned, white, and had no visible body, it was just looking out of the bush.

Of course like most sightings I only saw this for a split second before double-taking, and it was gone. I believe this to be a type of elemental sprite, as they seem to pop up occassionally through my life, usually as a reminder to get back onto my spiritual path. I find this facinating as my psychic teacher told me that she saw me working with elemental spirits and stuff, even though I didn't like the idea at the time.

Has anyone else experienced sightings of what they believe to be elemental or nature sprites?

Introduction thread

Croeso i haunted_wales!

This community will focus on paranormal happenings and ghost stories within Wales, UK. We also welcome such topics as ESP, Mediumship, and other 'supernatural' topics provided that they are based in Wales.

I hope this community grows and becomes active, please tell anyone who you think may be interested, and we may provide banners to advertise. In the future if we can get a community together, we may also organise 'ghost walks' around Wales. Don't be afraid to post an introduction below, using the following form!

Only answer the questions you want to, of course:

Name -
Age -
Location -

Do you believe in:

Have you ever sighted:
A ghost?

Are you Pagan/NeoPagan or anything similar? If so, would you care to elaborate?
Roughly how long have you been interested in the paranormal?
Have you ever had any 'psychic' experiences?

Is there anything we could do to improve this community?
Would you be willing to meet up for a 'ghost walk' or anything similar? If so, how far are you willing to travel from your hometown?
Anything else?